EPIXILON engaged in handmade furniture manufacture and sale in 2006, continuing the family tradition and expertise since 1955. Numerous years of experience and creative spirit, the company combines unique classic styles with innovative materials. Always staying loyal to excellent quality, aesthetics, functionality and customer’s satisfaction.

The main objective of EPIXILON is the creation of classical Greek furniture (living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms). Product collections are enriched with small furniture such as armchairs, coffee tables, mirrors, stools, consoles, created in an imaginative way. These principles are also applied in the creation of more modern series of EPIXILON furniture with respectively the same range of products.

Excellent quality of EPIXILON furniture is ensured by the fact that all stages of production are located on its premises. The production stages comprise the design, the construction of frames and furniture, the carvings, the glaze, finishing and upholstery.

EPIXILON successfully managed to be considered as a well established wholesale company in Greek market and has already started its expansion abroad.



EPIXILON’s philosophy combines attention to detail, high quality products, competitive prices and reliable after sales service. All of our furniture is hand-made and five-year warranty is provided. Excellent quality and unique furniture design in addition to consistency, evolved EPIXILON into a well established company in Greek furniture market, gaining the trust of its customers and partners.


Aesthetic is my primary concern,
I want my sketch beautiful like a painting,
which when you look at, it brings out emotions
Victor Taliadouros



The guarantee of EPIXILON Company is provided to any problems :

  • At the frame of couch (wood, webbing, foam, lining, feet) for 10 years.
  • At the seat and back pillows for 5 years.


The duration of the guarantee valid from the date that the products are delivered.

No guarantee is provided for any problems caused by:

  • Improper use of the products,
  • poor or improper maintenance, and
  • external factors (sun, moisture, fire).


In case of a problem that is covered by these terms, we undertake with our cost and at our own discretion to replace or repair the product.


Thank you for your confidence.

Yours Faithfully,
Victor Taliadouros